Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pizza and Snakes and the Mind of a Child

Pictures from pizza night

The weekend we got back from vacation or should I say we got back Thursday night and Brad had to leave to go to Atlanta Friday morning. Christi and I got the kids together to make homemade pizza and ice cream. It was the BEST pizza I have ever eaten. They have this special secret recipe but I can't do justice for it. The kids had a good time. And it was really nice to get together with my sister and have night just us and the kids. Christian was at the lake so he didn't get to be there but Aubrey and Tucker play so well with Caroline and Carson.

Aubrey and Tucker actually didn't complain for this picture.

Now as for the snake... I think it is so cute how a child's imagination works. The other day I was covering some seats for a bench for JA and I was using an egg crate which I had to cut a couple of strips off. When I turned around, Caroline had claimed them as her own. She had them all wrapped around her neck and body and was talking to them and just going about her normal business. When I asked her what she was doing she looked and me so matter a fact and said these are my pet snakes be careful so they don't bite you. AND YOU KNOW... They did kinda look like snakes so we drew eyes on them and right now they are still living in the garage and hopefully they will be the only pet snakes we ever have.

Caroline and her pet snake. Can you hear the hiss?

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