Sunday, January 31, 2010

What a fun snowy weekend!

What fun we have had in the snow!

I must confess that I had decided after our last disappointing promise of a huge snow storm I was ready to change the background of my blog, but with all the snow still around today I’m feeling a little more in the winter wonderland spirit of things.

With Carson’s surgery this past Wednesday, we didn’t want to overdo it playing in the snow, but something about the snow just makes you feel like a kid a heart. It calls you to come outside, to laugh, giggle, to throw snow balls and make snow angels, to try with all your might to get a snowman built no matter what type of snow you get, to make snow cream but most of all to just be a kid again. To leave all your worries inside as you bundle up in thick warm layers to head out to just be a kid again.

Friday we went outside for a bit after nap time. Caroline has the best time in the snow. Whether just making snow angels or just stomping all around in the snow, she loves being out in the snow. Carson is not as big a fan of the snow as Caroline. Especially Thursday when it was still snowing. He did have fun helping me throw snow balls at Brad though. We didn’t make it too long. It started snowing and sleeting and we thought it best not to over do it for Carson‘s sake. We had to make a deal with Caroline to get her inside. We would come inside to make snow cream(more on that in my next blog).

Saturday we took a lazy day and didn’t leave the couch. Around noon we decided to shower and put pj’s back on. I really love those lazy days. We watch Disney movies all day and around 5pm, Anna Claire (our preacher’s daughter) came to visit us. Caroline was so excited she was coming! After we visited with Anna Claire, it was time for bed. After getting the kids in the bed I realized the Miss America 2010 was coming on. I remember always getting to stay up past my bed time to watch when I was little and it is one of those special memories for me so off I went to get Caroline up to watch. She was so cute. She had a ton of questions about Miss America and even wore her special tiara Uncle P and Aunt J got her.

Sunday was a bit warmer and the snow had stopped falling so it was a better day to play in the snow. Though the fluffy snow was now covered with a thin layer of ice and many areas had turned to ice, we had a blast. We called Anna Claire to come over and play in the snow with us. No snow angles today but where the icicles had dripped on the snow covering the front steps, and turned to ice, it had formed a perfect slide. The slush added to the snow made it easier to form snow balls and therefore made for a fun snowball fight. It even made it easier to build snowmen. We made our 2nd round of snow cream. I think my kids could eat their weight in it. Caroline discovered icicles and decided “ice Pickles” as she refers to them are delicious. All in all it was a wonderful fun snowy weekend. But now I have to head back to work Monday no matter what condition the roads are in my job never closes. I am so thankful I was off to enjoy the snow. Some of my friends had to be at work this whole weekend and believe me I remember those weekends and it is not fun.

ON MY SOAPBOX FOR A MINUTE: Tonight after we got all our snow clothes off we were a bit stir crazy so we headed to town to check out the roads and pick up a pizza. As Brad ran in to pick up the pizza we get a call that my sister had been in a wreck so needless to say we were on our way to pick her up. Now pizza in the car with a 20 month old and a 3 year old can be an adventure but sometimes there are more important things than not making a mess. And no matter what’s going on, supper time is supper time no matter where we are. Christi had hit a patch of black ice on her way to work at Baptist East and hit a guard rail. She was completely fine but her truck was a bit messed up. It was a bit funny if that is possible in the middle of a wreck. She was fine, and since it was only her involved she had only called us to pick her up and a tow truck. A nice man had stopped to sit with her until we arrived and then we sat to wait on the tow truck. All of a sudden here come 3 or 4 police cars, 2 fire trucks, ambulances and other rescue vehicles. They looked as stunned as we did. Someone had passed by and called in the wreck as a 12 car pile up with one going over the guard rail into the river. After almost 12 years in healthcare I have seen the hard work that our police, firefighters, EMT’s and paramedics put in on the scene of accidents. I was so thankful they were there to respond and even more thankful God took care of my sister and kept her from getting a scratch . This being said, as funny as it seemed to have so many show up for a fender bender I knew it was in response to the 911 call they received with incorrect information. So remember when you need to call 911 be sure to have accurate information so as to not distract these life saving resources from others that may truly need them at that same moment.

So to end our snow filled weekend I thank God for all His Wonder. No matter the season, hot or cold he makes them all equally amazing and beautiful. To fill our lives with laughter and memories. I am so thankful to have weekends like this to share with my family and for my wonderful husband who is so much fun and would do anything for me and yes just got in from taking my sister home after her wreck and yes I’m bragging on him a bit but I don’t take the time o do that much and he deserves it.

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