Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bubbles make you giggle

One of those days when no matter what has happened your children can always make you laugh kinda days. Caroline and Carson love to take showers. Caroline calls it playing in the rain. I’m just glad they love bath time. Well the other night the kids had been bathed and now they were getting a few extra minutes of play time. Caroline thought it would be fun to pour out daddy’s new bottle of shampoo but gave herself away because she rubbed her eyes and got soap all in them. So after rinsing waist deep suds down the drain and clearing the kids of all suds I got Caroline out to dry off. When I went back for Carson, what did I find but my little boy who already wants to be just like his big sister. Carson had dumped out most of the rest of the shampoo and was covered in bubbles as he sloshed the water all around to make more. When I opened the door it caught him by surprise but to see such a happy look of satisfaction on his face that he had just done exactly as Caroline…How could I help but giggle with him?

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