Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Today marks our 4 year wedding anniversary. I’ve heard it only gets better with time and after the wonderful year we have had I must say that it seems true. It’s funny how when you think something just can’t get any better it does. God has really blessed me with a wonderful husband! Even though we’ve been together closer to 6 years it still seems like such a short time in so many ways. The longer we are together, the better we get along and the better we get along the faster time flies. Brad I love you and thank you for loving me! Happy anniversary!

Last weekend Brad and I decided we would spend time celebrating our anniversary. Christi just so happened to be reading my mind and called to see if Caroline and Carson could spend the night. So Saturday we headed to Memphis for some grownup time just me and Brad. We never have to do much to have a load of fun. We goofed off most of the day and decided on dinner and a movie by the end of the day. We ended up downtown to eat at Hard Rock. Hard Rock has sentimental value to us because when we got engaged in Gatlinburg we ended up eating at the Hard Rock there to celebrate our engagement. So, it seemed like a fitting way to celebrate such a wonderful year. Next we went to the movies. The movies is a place we rarely visit anymore so there were several we wanted to see. We ended up deciding on Avatar which was not on our list of want to sees. But the theater was showing Avatar in 3D and sense we had never seen a movie in 3D we though it would be a neat experience. WHAT A GREAT PICK! Not only was it a good movie but it was really neat to watch it in 3D. I highly recommend it!

The next morning we got to sleep in until we were ready to wake up. After calling to check on the kids, Christi encouraged us to go have brunch and she would bring the kids home later. What a great idea! We went to IHOP for some delicious pancakes and by this time really felt like we had been able to celebrate our anniversary.

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