Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Christi!

Today, January 2nd, 2010  Christi turns 33. Or as Brad teases me almost 40! He gets such a kick out of teasing me that he is younger than me and therefore MUCH younger than Christi. Last year for Christi’s special birthday blog I remember being so proud of our sister bond. Over this past year it has only grown stronger. It is funny how much you fight with your siblings growing up and when you become a grown up your siblings become one of the first things you fight to be around.

Christi has shown me things about herself I never really knew. She and my mother have very similar personalities. Quite opposite from mine. Christi is very shy, definitely not a social butterfly in fact I think her cocoon is permanently sealed. She hates to be alone is very, very quite and when she does speak is very soft spoken. She lets me shine whenever I’m around her no matter how loud I get cause it keeps the focus off her.

She has done a lot over this past year to lead her way in the right direction. She just changed jobs. She will now be at home more with the boys and she will have more time and better pay to help continue nursing school. She has surprised me at how important she has made the boys this year. She has ALWAYS done a lot with the boys but sometimes bills just have to be paid. This past year I have seen her make MANY sacrifices to be able to put her boys and their wants first. She has had to endure many hard trials of life and never stop smiling for knowing if she did she would start crying( like when no one showed up at Aubrey and Tucker’s birthday party this year). She has really put her children first and been a WONDERFUL mom. She has even started taking the boys to church to help teach them about our Savior.

She has been wonderful to me as well. She has helped me SO much with my kids. She is never more than a phone call away when I just need a minute before I think I may go crazy or to keep Caroline and Carson so I can go somewhere. She even calls on a regular basis just to see if they can spend the night just so I can have some me time or me and Brad can go on a date. She always makes up fun stuff to do with Caroline and Carson that only aunts do. Like roasting marsh mellows or making rice crispy treats that are shaped like pumpkins or making Christmas ornaments.

This past year has only helped our sister bond grow tighter. Again I must say I am so PROUD she is my sister.