Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Carson's surgery day.

Carson and daddy at Lebonheur before surgery.

Mommy and Carson waiting for surgery time.

Today was Carson’s recircumsision surgery. All went well. We had to be at Lebonheur at 6am to get checked in. The staff there is wonderful! We were put in a room and Carson went back around 8am. He was in recovery by 9am. Once he was in recovery we got to go hold him while they monitored him. Then back to our room where they monitored him some more due to him having anesthesia. He was a very sleepy boy. After 2 cups of apple juice we were discharged around noon. Once on the interstate after we thought all was well Carson was back asleep and resting and suddenly awoke vomiting everywhere. Of course we didn’t prepare for this so there was no towel no bucket just his favorite blanket to save the day. Once we got things somewhat cleaned up back on the way home we went. Then Carson spiked a pretty high fever. We called and his doctor, Dr. Williams assured us this could be a side effect from anesthesia to monitor him and as long as it came down and was gone by tomorrow and he would still take in fluids not to worry. So we let Carson sleep most of the rest of the day and he got up as normal as could be around 4:30pm. He played for a while and laid in our bed to watch cartoons and eat some crackers (yes one of the perks to being sick around here is eating crackers in bed). I figured he would be up tonight due to sleeping all day but he is sound asleep. I am so happy things went well. Thank you all for all your calls and prayers.

My sweet boy, back from recovery and not quite out of anesthesia yet.
Time to wake up and get some fluids down so we can go home.

Around 5pm back to normal.  My sweet happy boy

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