Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year! I can’t believe it is 2010! I am so excited about all this new year will hold! If it is anything like 2009 it will be amazing!

2009 was full of wonderful memories!

Carson turned 1 that we celebrated with an awesome fish fry thanks to Grandpa (Ronnie). He learned to walk and talk, got his 1st haircut, developed the best personality, reached all his 1st year milestones ahead of schedule and from the first day of 2009 to the 1st day of 2010 has remained the SWEETEST little boy. I am so proud of him. He is so mild mannered and minds very well. They say little boys take care of their momma’s and easily find a special place in there hearts. Well I think it must be true!

Caroline turned 3 and looks and acts just like me. Not decided if that is good or bad. Ha ha! More good I think, she is just very strong willed, which will hopefully get her far in life. I sometimes think we were suppose to have been twins. Brad often refers to her as ‘little Aimee’. She started dance in 2009 and seems to really enjoy herself. She has learned so much. She surprises me each day with how smart she is. She can do most anything I can think of to ask her. Just the other day at the grocery, she could look up and tell me which aisle we were on. I had no clue she could recognize her numbers already. She learned how to fold towels this year, which may seem like a small thing but I am so thankful for the help and her eagerness to want to right now.

Our family first and foremost have become a lot closer to God this year. He has blessed us with so many things throughout our lives and this past year has been no exception to that. We have developed a close relationship to our church family and have made some really wonderful new friends. We have had the opportunity to involve our children in many activities at our church this year which has helped us to move forward in rearing our children in the right direction. Our family reached one of our big goals, to make prayer before each meal a habit. Caroline will never know what a big part she played in this. Something about when you are trying to teach your child to do something, it is so much easier to lead by example. Once on board, it became an easy habit to form. When your 3 year old announces loudly in Chick-a-fila “We didn’t pray! Close your eyes, and proceeds to thank God for ‘everything he gives us and this chicken’.” You realize that if your child has no worries about offending anyone why should we not be just as proud to thank our wonderful Savior for ‘everything he gives us’ no matter where we are.

We also acquired a 3 pet to add to our family. Miss Kitty… Miss Kitty ( I know what an original name for a cat, but that is the name Caroline named her) joined Libby and Knox. She started out as a bribe. Caroline was suppose to stop sucking her thumb and she could have a kitty for her 3rd Birthday. Well we got the kitty, but the thumb sucking has gone no where.

We had some scares with Papa’s health in 2009, but God got us through each of those and in the end, I think it was a truer blessing than we may have realized. We got together as an extended family more over this past year than I can remember in many years past. During the time Papa was sick and even after. Family get together’s are one of my favorite childhood memories and now my children seem to be on the way to making these same memories. Anne and Sarah even got to come home and see family which they don’t get to do as often as they would like.

Patrick graduated from college and got engaged to a wonderful girl Juliana Jordan. I am so happy he found such a good person to spend the rest of his life with!

Christi has just gotten a really good job at Baptist East and will be continuing her path to nursing school.

We even did more with Brad’s family this past year. It is often hard for me sometimes to understand that Brad’s family is not as close as mine. I have learned to accept that they are different than mine but I am glad to let my children grow up an learn how important family is.

It has really been a full and wonderful year! To a wonderful year and a wonderful year to come!

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