Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Caroline's 1st Day of Preschool

Caroline's First day of PreSchool
at Lighthouse Christian Academy

Look at my big girl!

Last week was Caroline’s first full week of school and it was fabulous! She LOVES picking out what she wants to take for her lunch and she is so proud of all her work she gets to bring home each week.  The first day was hard for, well just me.  Yes I cried and Brad and Caroline were all smiles.  She just walked right into class and turned around to wave bye. 
Brad and I have talked before about Caroline starting preschool but I just assumed we would start this coming August when she was almost 4. Little did I know those ideas would change. We LOVE our babysitter so it was really difficult to make the decision to move to preschool. But we could also tell that Caroline was becoming bored and starting to need more structure in her day. We looked at several preschools and I was so torn. Either not accepting applications at the present or not being feasible due to our work schedules would their be one that was perfect for us? I myself wasn’t ready for Caroline to be a big girl. Couldn’t she just stay at Mrs. Gail’s where she has been safe and sound since she was twelve weeks old? She is already so independent which makes me want to hold onto her tighter. I know she has to grow up no matter how I feel about it and so as I prayed about it I realized that me being selfish and wanting to stay “mommy” and not become “MOM” I was holding my smart little girl back from being her best. After talking with Brad and through prayer we decided to go ahead and start Caroline at the first of January. We chose Lighthouse Christian Academy in Millington. We have been so impressed. Not only with the school itself but the teachers, administration and curriculum. Caroline has already learned so much. Each day she comes home and can tell us a new Bible story or count a little higher than the day before. I am so glad God lead us to make the decision we did. Caroline has been so well behaved and such a help. It’s like she knows that she is a big girl now and that somehow that makes her feel so important.

Look at those faces!  Maybe not in the picture mood just yet!

Caroline and mommy on Caroline's 1st day of preschool

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