Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Brighton Christmas Parade

Look at that face! 


We had such a good time at the Brighton Christmas Parade.  I love parades but the last couple of years we haven't made any in person because it is just too cold to have little little babies out in.  But now that my children are getting a little older this is a tradatition we will be starting.  Caroline rode on the Showstars float this year and had the best time being a "big" girl and waving and yelling Merry Christmas.  I walked beside the float mainly because she is just 3 and I wasn't sure how she would do.  I think this was more for my comfort than hers.  She loved it!  I got so wrapped up in watching her sweet little face as it lit up and watching those little eyes dance that the rest of the parade seemed to fade into the background.  As you can tell I only got pictures of Caroline on the float!  Anyway that was our part of the christmas parade!

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Kendra said...

HOw fun! I can't wait for Coco to start dance! Caroline looks adorable in hot pink!