Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Day

Christmas Day began with breakfast and then on to Papa's house.  Growing up we went to Papa's house every year on Christmas Day.  The last couple of years we haven't been able to.  This year however we were fortunate enough to get to spend Christmas Day at Papa and Marsha's.  Papa's bought with health problems this year kept him closer to home and we reaped the benefits.  Patrick and Juliana had to visit her family but the rest of us, momma, daddy, Christi, Christian, Aubrey, Tucker, Brad, Carson, Caroline and myself and Aunt Mary, Joseph and Andrew all got to visit and eat lunch with Papa and Marsha.  Papa and Marsha got Caroline a Bible story and song cd and Carson a Bible story dvd. 

They are the neastet gifts I think we got.  They have the kids names in them so just when they might start to let their attention drift it says their name again and draws them right back in.  Caroline put her cd in the player as soon as she opened it and sang and danced forever.   I was so glad to see Christian, Tucker and Aubrey and spend Christmas day with them. 

After Papa's we all went to daddy and momma's for our family Christmas.  As always there was confussion when the paper started flying.  There are always so many gifts.  I really can't tell you what anyone got only the stuff that went home with me.  Momma as always made me some really special things.  A large pillow for our bed, a shirt which I love and can't wait to show off.  No matter how hard the year has been momma and daddy always make sure to out do themselves at Christmas.  How did I luck out to get the BEST parents in the world?  Guess that's why I live in a fairytail world sometimes cause I feel like a grew up in one.  HA HA that was a little corny wasn't it but it is truely how I feel. 
Nana was there and so were Uncle P and Aunt J. And Christi and the boys were all there too.  I got Christi a mother's necklace with the boys names engraved and their birthstones.  I think she really likes it and I am really glad.  She is hard for me to buy for and I really wanted to get her something special.

Merry Christmas!!

 So now I have officially finished with the Christmas season and I look back and see what a wonderful gift our Father gave us.  The birth of His precious Son to celebrate each year and what better way can there be to celebrate than with the family and friends He has blessed me with. 
My prayer for today:
Thank you Lord for your perfect sacrifice
so that I may live such a blessed life.

Happy Birthday Jesus!

I LOVE this new ornament that I got from our Junior Auxiliary gift swap at the Christmas tea this year!!!

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