Wednesday, December 23, 2009

First there was our visit to Santa

December is so busy!  Let me play catch up for a minute to get up to the current time of this busy month.

 First there is our visit with Santa this year.  How did that go well let's just say these aren't Phil's pictures but I am just happy that neither of them were crying.  Carson and Caroline were all about going to see Santa until it was our turn.  Carson wiggling to get down was all ready to walk up there until he realized he didn't know the person he was walking to. 

Caroline played the shy card which she is definately not and then Santa somehow "knew" that she was suppose to be working on not sucking her thumb and made a deal that she would work on that and he would bring her a bike for Christmas.  Needless to say that didn't get him in best friend points.

  In the end we ended up with a picture and neither was crying nor were they smiling.

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