Sunday, December 6, 2009

Time for shots again!

I seldom have time where it is just Carson and I... but Thursday I changed the rules.  Carson had 2 doctor's appointments so instead of fighting with both of them all day I took Caroline to Mrs. Gails and Carson and I headed out for a day just me, him and Nonnee' for some visits to the doctor and Christmas shopping.  We had such a good day!  Only having one child to juggle is really a blessing that you never realize until you have 2.  And my sweet little Carson many times is the one that gets sat to the side because he is so good.  I know that sounds strange but he doesn't require the fuss.  He is such a happy go lucky baby.  I was really glad to have the special time to spend with just him even if it was just for doctor's visits.  Hence the pictures...  Seldom do I get pictures of our doctors visits because it takes all my attention to be sure both kids aren't falling off the table (or jumping)

First stop was for 18th month shots.  Carson was a good sport though I almost don't have the strength to hold him down anymore.  After we got over our tearful episode on for shopping and and then for our second doctors appointment.  We had to go see a pediatric urologist.  I felt silly going but his pediatrician has mentioned a couple of times that he may have to have his circumcision redone.  Sure enough that is the case.  I am really dreading the surgery.  I hate to see my sweet little boy in any pain.  So keep him in your prayers.

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