Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cookies and Confections for Christmas Eve

What fun we had this year getting ready for Christmas!  I was off on Christmas Eve this year so Caroline and I decided we would have a mom day and make candy and cookies for Christmas to take to all our stops.  We invited my mother over and Juliana to help.  Christi had to work so we just made plenty of chocolate for her.  So we all tied on our aprons (Caroline, Juliana and I) that moma made for us and got to work.   We had the best time!  I was in charge of the peanut butter balls and Juliana made oreo balls and ended up doing all the dipping of anything that went in chocolate while I snapped pictures.  Momma has had years to learn patience so she got the task of cutting out sugar cookies and Gingerbread men with Caroline who already can complete any task all by herself with no instruction.  Brad did his part the night before and made his famous fudge so it was already ready to be cut and put on trays.  Uncle P even stopped by after he got off work and helped ice cookies.  He did a lot better than I was doing so I let him take over.  We didn't get to make the Martha Washington balls or the sugar strawberries that I love so much but there was more candy than we knew what to do with.  In the end, all the gingerbread men were dressed in overalls and pants some with green and red hair others sporting moehawks; all the trays were spilling over with candy and confections.  There was flour on the floor and countertops and Juliana had smudges of chocolate on her face but we were all still smiling and laughing.  What a great start to Christmas Eve!

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